A guy created a penis-shaped keyboard that you have to use your tongue to type on

A guy created a penis-shaped keyboard that you have to use your tongue to type on

This article wasn’t written with the help of a nui dildo attached to a keyboard that types while you give it oral sex – but it could have been.

The Gagwriter, a prototype created by Devious-Devices, is a 3D printed penis attached to a stand and some cleverly placed buttons. By manipulating it with your tongue (or nose, if you’re trying to hit the spacebar when deepthroating), you can create various combinations of letters. For example, two tongues on the right side of the penis form the letter A, or one tongue on the tip of the penis types the letter B. And so on.

Devious-Devices , who asked us to use his online pseudonym because he wants to keep the line between his kinky projects and his personal life intact, told me that he started the Gagwriter project during the pandemic because he had a lot of time free.

He has also created other projects that fall into the DIY-BDSM category, including the Asscade (a device with a hole cut out for the ass) or a strap-on with a duster instead of a dildo . The Gagwriter was inspired by another sexy project with a keyboard that you type on with your tongue. The Gagwriter takes the concept and takes it in a different direction: replace the controller with a penis.

A guy created a penis-shaped keyboard that you have to use your tongue to typeBecause it’s a DIY project, anyone can make their own Gagwriter. You can find instructions on how to build it on DeviantArt as well as on Cult3D’s website . It also has a tutorial that teaches you how to type and do keystrokes. Recently, Devious-Devices also added a sound feature, which makes a noise every time you press a key, so that you can be sure that you have pressed it.

Devious-Devices said that the person who tests all the projects is his partner. “I build them and she tests them,” he said.

She gave us her feedback on the Gagwriter experience: “Mentally, it reminded me of a video game. It’s complicated at first, but it becomes fun as you learn to use it. After a while, you don’t need directions or a map anymore. It challenges you physically and you learn your limits. Find out how much you can do with your own language. I enjoyed finding the best way to press each key. Backspace always only works on the second try, for example. It’s not easy to press.”

Although the guy posted about the project on Reddit a year ago, it only went viral this week after Buttplug.io — owned by Kyle Machulis, creator of the kinky devices Elden Cockring or Animal Crossing — tweeted about it:

“I hope the project will grow, because it has been shared on many sites. I am very curious what users will think about it or if they will come up with new ideas. I can’t wait for their feedback,” said Devious-Devices.